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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

“After a failed marriage, I was forced to return to the workforce. Prior to being a Stay-at-home Mum I began my career in Sales and Marketing And soon was the VP of a multi-million Dollar business in Las Vegas. 

The thought of returning to the Corporate World made me ill. The late nights, stress & not being around for my kids was not going to work for me. I stumbled upon this online business & knew immediately it was for me! The business not only exceeds my financial goals each year but the work/life balance is priceless.”

Jodie Sacco, Las Vegas

I am a former CEO of a major corporation. I woke-up one day and realized that I was making the money but I was never home. Traveling around the world without my wife on business was not fun. I had reached the pinnacle of the "job" market but I did not have time freedom. I eventually found this business and it has transformed my life. We are now living all over California staying in beautiful vacation homes and we will be moving to Hawaii early next year. I can do this business from anywhere in the world and I never have to travel without my wife again.  - Michael

Michael & Arni Berry, Texas

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"I have a real lust for life, and I've always wanted the freedom to enjoy it - freedom from stress, freedom to earn great money on my own terms, freedom to be in control of my life and spend more time with my family. Now I can."

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Simon Warman - Freed

Simon Warman-Freed

Hello, I’m Simon.

I’m thrilled to be introducing you to an opportunity that offers complete freedom and the chance to make minimum six-figure income as you earn your wealth, your way. It’s a brilliant business in the booming sector of online personal development and leadership coaching – a sector set to explode even further as so many people seek new ways to flourish in the new world. I have a real lust for life, and I’ve always wanted the freedom to enjoy it – leaving stress and long hours behind to earn fantastic money on my own terms. Working whenever and wherever I want, in control and with plenty of time to spend with my lovely wife Sharon, our five children and six gorgeous dogs.

That’s what makes this opportunity so powerful: a proven system and really effective product centred on personal and leadership development, something I feel passionate about. There’s no network marketing, no products to stock, no cold calls or pressure on friends and family. What a breath of fresh air!

So I’ve found the game changer I always wanted. In the past I’ve run a £100m business unit and grown other people’s SMEs to the tune of multi-millions … but I never had the chance to earn my wealth, my way like now.

Which brings me to you. I’m looking for more big thinkers with ambition and a little free time on their hands. Do you want to change your life and earn your wealth, your way? You can start with just two hours a day. Do you want to make at least six figures and run your business on your terms? If the answer is “Yes!”, do get in touch today.

The freedom is amazing … what will you do with yours?

If you’d like to know a little more about me before we chat, please send me an email at and I'd be happy to send you my brochure. 

This is a picture of  me with my wife Sharon, in Lanzarote where we now have been living for almost 5 years.

This picture includes our daughters Natasha and Beth and a friend of Natasha and Sharon and I on a night out in Hitchin, England.

This was a picture taken with my family for my mum's 90th birthday party. This was a very special event held at a restaurant in Bushey, England.

My wedding to Sharon which was held in beautiful Santorini. It was a wonderful day and a moment never to be forgotten. I am a lucky man.

WHAT GETS ME UP IN THE MORNING:  My lust for life! My positive outlook, love of new ideas and the thrill of getting things done. Above all, the freedom that comes from earning my wealth, my way. The freedom to enjoy life with my wife Sharon, the five children we have between us, and our six dogs – two of them rescue dogs. Freedom to travel, be sports mad and just relax around the pool of our villa in beautiful Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa.

MY OLD CORPORATE LIFE: I’ve enjoyed a fair measure of success, from leading a £100m business unit at a Big Four consultancy to 25 years running my own companies. I’ve grown other people’s SMEs to multi-millions in sectors as varied as technology and baby care. But the step change I wanted was always out of reach. I’ve always dreamed of more … after all, I worked so hard, where were the rewards to show for it?

WHY I CHOSE THIS BUSINESS: I did my due diligence and was attracted by the fact that online personal development is an exploding sector worth $40 billion a year globally … and forecast to grow by another $10 billion by 2027. The system and the product are truly brilliant, and they’re ready to go from the day you start. Even better, it’s easy to do and I’m always in control, loving the opportunity to make minimum six-figure income working whenever and wherever I like.

HOW I CAN HELP YOU: If growing your wealth, your way appeals to you too I can show you how it works. I've always been passionate about coaching and mentoring to draw the very best from people and I'll be ready to support you – from your first steps to exceeding your dreams. If you’d welcome a paradigm shift in your thinking about success, if you’d love to feel your confidence fly, or simply if you're stuck in a rut, let’s have a conversation.

 The first step is to reach out to me today.  I’ll personally call you and we can see if we think there’s potential to work together.

Another life is waiting for you.